Be in control of your own budget

Select pieces that are within your budget and take your time to make a final decision with our try-at-home period.


Will it fit my budget?

Depending on the designer and brand, our clothes can vary from $29 all the way up to $459 for higher-end pieces. Pricing is listed beneath each product.

We’ll request a $20 refundable deposit for each confirmed order. Shipping and returns are always free, giving you the final choice on your purchases after you’ve tried them on!

We’ll always match on price if you find one of our items at a lower cost elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription service?

Nope! There’s no schedule or commitment — order when you want to! We charge no subscription fees.

How much does it cost?

The only upfront cost is a $20 deposit, charged every time you confirm an order. This cost includes free shipping and returns for your items. You’ll only be charged for products that you keep after the 10-day try-on period.

Can I order multiple boxes at once?

We only ship one box at a time, per account. Before making any new orders, you must first complete your current purchase or return previous items.

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  • No monthly fees
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Price-matching on all items
  • $20 refundable deposit
  • No payment upfront
  • Only pay for what you keep