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Choose up to 5 items and enjoy a 10-day try-on period, free of charge.

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Check out via your profile, then pay for what you want to keep and return the rest.

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What it costs

Q1 : When will I be charged?

After receiving your items and trying them on at home, you'll be invited to complete your purchase and pay for the items that you want to keep. The items that you are returning won't be charged.

Q2 : Are there any extra fees?

No! When you confirm which 5 items you'd like to receive, we’ll request a $20 deposit to confirm shipment. This fee will be put toward any purchases you want to keep or refunded if you wish to return everything.

Q3 : What if I return the items after the 10-day try-on period and I'm charged?

No problem! Any item that is charged after your 10-day try-on period can be returned and refunded based on our 30-day return policy, applicable on any item purchased.

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What our clients say about us

Started with the company a few weeks ago - it saves my life! I can try the clothes at home and pay them when I'm ready to make my final choice. They are really bringing the shopping mall to your door

Catherine / TrustPilot

Had a small problem with my delivery, we couldn't track the location. Was confused as I was refunded my purchases before ever receiving them. Customer service reached out and helped solve all the problems. When my package finally arrived all the clothes were great!!! Best customer service I've received in a very long time.

Melanie / TrustPilot

Received my third box today! Love the concept of paying only after I tried the concept at home :) So far, great clothes, great customer service, website easy to use, I love it!

Alexa / TrustPilot

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